Goldcore Light is revolutionary plywood that’s taking construction and fit outs to a whole new level. Super lightweight, and yet strong and stable, Goldcore Light is the superior-quality plywood ideal for cabinetry, wall linings, head linings, domestic and commercial construction, or any other application where lightweight is a priority.

Here’s why:

  • Superior-quality plywood manufactured to BS1088 (LW) standards.
  • Up to 38% lighter than standard plywoods.
  • Multiply construction with high-quality lightweight core – free of core gaps, overlaps or splits.
  • Acceptably flat for precise cabinetry work.
  • High quality natural “A grade” wood finish faces of an even colouring.

We welcome you to take a look around our website, and see why Goldcore Light is fast becoming the new standard for cabinetry plywood. Ask us for a sample so you can feel the difference yourself.